Show your support for the Perth Children's Hospice in the City of Nedlands

As residents of Nedlands will be aware, there has been some media attention regarding the proposed Children’s Hospice in Swanbourne and a decision by the City of Nedlands to not support the proposal. 

The hospice will be the first of its kind in Western Australia: based on best practice it will be embedded in nature, provide room for families to be together, and allow children and families access to the ocean.  Fundraising and research for the hospice is being led by the PCH Foundation.

I have had many people contact my office, deeply concerned that our community is being misrepresented and that families will not feel they are welcome.  Like you, and the State MP for the Seat of Nedlands – and a long-term resident of Nedlands myself – I want families and the dedicated hospice staff to know our community will provide them with welcoming care and compassion.   

I am asking you to sign the letter below to demonstrate your support of the hospice being built and operating in our community – and to say to the children of Western Australia who need hospice care that we welcome them here.